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I got the prettiest nicest card EVER today! And you were on it... and you... and you... you were ALL on it!! Except you, Becca, cuz that would mean you had transported yourself back to Atlanta and I think I would have heard about it if you had managed that one. But seriously guys, thanks!! You rock!!! It's currently on display next to my UCoG picture that we took on Allan Night. :-)

Also, if Teija hasn't told the rest of you yet, I've just bought plane tickets and will be in Atlanta from late on Dec 30th through early on Jan 4th!! UuuuuuCooooog Reuuuuuunion!!!

Newcastle told me to say hello and that it misses you all and wonders when you're going to visit it next. Londis says its business is suffering without you, pet, Northumbria University says "THE LIBRARY WILL CLOSE IN 30 MINUTES" extremely loudly, and the Civic Centre says "*OMINOUS GLOW*"


wtf mate? when did the page change? hahaha

an oldie but a goodie

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you guys remember this? :)

Happy Labor Day.


i just wanted to say i'm REEEEAALLY excited that we're having a UCoG night tomorrow!

that is...if we are still having a UCoG night tomorrow.

because we should be.

and I'M EXCITED! :)
You wanna prowl
Be my night owl?
Well take my hand we're gonna howl
Out tonight

actually took the time to look it up, teija. here it is. :)

stupid paper

i decided to make an icon instead of writing. and let me just tell you i know the iPod shit has been way overdone...but i thought of this a little while after i started seeing all the iHermione blobs and stuff that looked rediculous...thought this might be funny. and if this has been done already, then please let me know...but i think it's cute and i've been wanting to do it for a while...lemme know what you think :)

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GIP - just for you...

i made this one just for you guys...i thought you might like it.

ahhh the good ol' days. well, at least now we have the good...new days...right?

who's excited about Oral Sex History tomorrow?